Saturday, October 11, 2014

Trik Tampak Elegan dengan Jaket Kulit

jaket kulit - is more synonymous with men, you must have seen some of the film's action scenes featuring the leading man wearing a black leather jacket with a gun coming out of a bar after a previous fight some baddies, and then with the main character of the stout up the Harley and go from that place.

What is your impression after seeing the appearance of the main character, in terms of fashion sunglasses ?. The first impression that will arise in a person's brain after seeing the main character with a male rocker makeup style, not at all far from feminine.

So, why today many feminine women who are interested to join in a leather jacket, black color anyway? What they do not fear feminine and elegant impression that they have lost overshadowed by the dominating male impression on the leather jacket? Apparently there are a few tricks of its own to mix and match clothes so leather jacket black woman who was not made a typical feminine woman disappeared.

Choose clothing that is feminine patterned. If you intend to wear a leather jacket to an event, you can work around this by selecting the main patterned clothing, try to motive you choose clothes that can show the feminine side and your childish side, for example, you can choose the clothes that pictorial motifs makeup tools, motives animals and many more, you can also add a scarf as a complementary tool appearance. 

Dress. Want to look feminine and elegant woman with leather jacket, then wear a dress is the next answer. Dress which you can select a mini or a long dress, adjust it with the type of event you want to attend. You can choose a mini dress that has a few creases or lace at the bottom. Your appearance will look more feminine elegance when you wear a black leather jacket as the finishing touches. 

A touch of glamor. You can choose a black leather jacket that has some unique detail, either beads or grains of gold which is very fitting to wear to a party because it does not directly have shown glamorous side of your appearance. You can wear shoes or boots heels feminine as subordinate, adjust it to your taste. However, if you do not have a black leather jacket that has a unique accent like that, you can wear a long dress of chiffon then later paired with your leather jacket( jaket kulit ). 

Accessories. Things you should consider before buying a leather jacket women are choosing the size. It is recommended to choose a fitted leather jacket or a slightly oversized. Great leather jacket can be overcome by the use of clothes that fit the body or use a belt. For the most suitable shoes with a leather jacket is boots. Choose the length does not exceed the knee.

Cara menyimpan jaket kulit

Leather Jacket - You may not have excess time to pay attention or care for clothes that you have. Sometimes you miss one or two in a dirty clothes because it is difficult to clean. Or you are not so skilled to take care of him so use laundry services. Nothing wrong with it if given satisfactory results, but what if the clothes you have broken? Surely you do not want such things to happen to you right?

Some people are still complaining about how to treat or clean your leather jacket properly. Since most of them have to experiment and produce something very detrimental. Even the cleaners or laundry workers was not enough help to do this kind of treatment. As a result of the leather jacket is not reusable and must be discarded because it was not worthy to be worn by you.

storage Tips

If you are not currently using a leather jacket, leather jacket it's good that you saved. Surely the correct way in order to save the texture and beauty of the skin is maintained. This article will help you make the correct storage of the favorite leather jacket. At least, you do not have to throw a leather jacket earlier than the durability of the skin itself.
Store at room temperature

Why leather jackets requires appropriate temperature? Because genuine leather will require not so humid air or dry to maintain its quality. Therefore, choose a place that you feel has a stable room temperature. Make sure the air exchange so that the jacket was covered with fungus.

Avoid folding the jacket  (Cara Menyimpan jaket kulit )

Some people often make the mistake of folding their leather jackets. Although you genuine leather jacket, still use a hanger or hook to keep it. This method is chosen to form a jacket remain as they are when you buy it. If you fold too often, is not likely to cause wrinkles. This is that over time the wrinkles will form cracks in the leather itself. These cracks will lead to some parts chipped by itself. Or some people often refer to the term expired, in which the skin was not pleasing to the eye or worn.

Note the storage

Leather jacket does need a place to store extra safety. The overseer fashion leather jackets do not agree that the best kept in the closet. Because cupboards have the temperature so moist and inviting the growth of mold. Do not also drape jacket under direct sunlight or indirectly. Because it will make the texture of the skin becomes rigid and cracks occur. In the end you have to watch the leather jacket damaged and can not be worn again. Very detrimental not if you have to buy expensive to favorite leather jacket like this?